When installing a new floor system, proper preparation is a key foundational element to the end result, and lifespan of the floor.

There are many types of tooling and equipment available on the market, in addition to various HEPA vacuum systems. We have many of these within our own fleet, ready for your needs. Whether the concrete is hard or soft, smooth or spalled, new or old, we will use the proper combination of equipment to complete the job efficiently and properly.

Removing old glue adhesives is quite common, especially after old flooring is removed such as VCT or carpet. That is why our technicians use advanced grinding and filtration equipment to remove old glue residues with ease. Without proper equipment like ours, it can be incredibly time-consuming to remove.

We also perform standard concrete grinding. Concrete surfaces have a variety of different pre-existing conditions. For example, hard concrete requires the use of softer bond tooling which is crucial to avoid glazing from the tooling segment. On the flip side, soft concrete needs a hard bond diamond in order to avoid too much premature wearing of the segments. We also use PCD’s and other specialty segments as needed.

If we are preparing your surface for VCT, Rubber Tile, Carpet, etc, a coarser single stage grinding technique is generally used. We have many different suggestions if you have any questions.

When preparing for an epoxy overlay system, we will first grind away any topical coatings, then shotblast the floor to obtain a concrete surface profile 3 (CSP3).

If you have any questions, please give us a call for your immediate needs. If you reach out voicemail, please leave a message and we will reply as soon as possible to all inquiries.

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