Are you looking to have a durable yet stunning designer metallic epoxy floor for your residential, industrial, or commercial facilities? You are in luck because our technicians from Rochester Concrete Prep will provide you the highest quality designer metallic epoxy coatings for your floors.

Our materials are made from a two-component, high performance modified cycloaliphatic epoxy concrete floor coating system, and its epoxy chemistry provides fantastic bonding characteristics because we only use the best! Additionally, the design meets the highest commercial and industrial demands, and can be installed up to a 50 mil coating system.

These coatings do create a deep-looking and glossy floor which can contain many different colors as well as a variety of visual effects. In fact, some even have a gorgeous three-dimensional look that can give off the illusion of ripples, craters, and swirling rivers of plasma that has a metallic-like appearance.

Maintenance is very easy, and the amount of light that is reflected is fantastic because of the surface having a glossy nature. However, just like any smooth floor system, this can be slippery when wet, so take precautionary measures as needed within your facility as you would with VCT or other existing systems.

The finished look has a glass-like and smooth appearance which has a reflective sparkle that is subtle and unique. There are just so many creative techniques that can be used to create a style that of your choice. Every job is 100% custom.

We also can provide this service for facilities if they need it for manufacturing facilities, automotive showrooms, garage floors, restrooms, schools, residential, commercial restaurants, bakeries, salons, retail spaces, and more.

Give us a call, and one of our experienced technicians will come out to provide a custom consultation and inspection.

Our job is to create stunning, one of a kind floor systems for your facility, and will have you back in service for business as soon as possible.

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Adams Basin, Arnett, Bailey, Barnard, Bartlett Corners, Bay View, Belcoda, Benedict Beach, Beulah, Braddock Heights, Brighton, Brockport, Brookdale, Bushnell Basin, Catfield, Cedar Swamp, Charlotte, Chili Center, Churchville, Clarkson, Clifton, Cobbs Hill, Coldwater, Collamer, Crescent Beach, Crittenden, Dann Corner, Davison Beach, East Penfield, East Rochester, Egypt, Elmgrove, Fairport, Fenner, Five Points, Ford Corner, Forest Lawn, Garbutt, Garland, Gates Center, Gates-North Gates, Genesee Junction, German Village, Glen Edith, Glen Haven, Golah, Grand View Beach, Grand View Heights, Greece, Hamlin, Hannans Corner, Harper Park, Harper Park Rochester, Henrietta, Hilton, Hinkleyville, Honeoye Falls, Huckleberry Island, Irondequoit, Island Cottage Beach, Lighthouse Beach, Lincoln Park, Manitou Beach, Manns Corner, Maplewood, Martin, Meadow Wood, Mendon, Mendon Center, Mile of Woods, Moran Corner, Mortimer, Mount Read, Mumford, Newport, North Chili, North Gates, North Greece, North Hamlin, North Rush, Ogden Center, Oklahoma Beach, Ontario Beach, Onteo Beach, Otis, Parma Center, Parma Corners, Payne Beach, Penfield, Penfield Center, Pittsford, Redman Corners, Ridgeland, Riga, Rigney Bluff, Rochester, Rochester Junction, Rock Beach, Roseland, Rush, Sandy Harbour Beach, Scottsville, Sea Breeze, Seth Green Island, Severance, Shore Acres, Sibleyville, Snider Island, South Chili, South Greece, Spencerport, Summerville, Sweden Center, Tomlinson Corners, Town Pump, Tressmar, Troutburg, Twelve Corners, Uptonville, Walker, Wautoma Beach, Webster, West Brighton, West Chili, West Greece, West Henrietta, West Rush, West Sweden, West Webster, Wheatland Center, Whipple Park, White City, Whites, Windsor Beach,