We specialize in concrete surface profiling and high performance coatings.

Our prep team at Rochester Concrete Prep works with builders, architects, material suppliers, and engineers. We provide reliable concrete services where attention to detail and safety are top priorities, our results define “quality.”

Let Us Bring Your Concrete Floors Back To Life

The Rochester Concrete Prep team not only helps beautify your concrete, natural stone, and epoxy flooring, but will also strengthen your floors by making them more durable so they can be enjoyed for a very long life.

We provide services for flooring at commercial, industrial, institutional and residential facilities. We do everything we can to exceed the needs and expectations of clients. We enjoy taking on new clients to build long lasting relationships for repeat service needs from a provider you can trust.

Our Services

Concrete Grinding

We perform concrete grinding in a wide variety of settings. We are extremely thorough with precision detail around edges, corners, transitions, drains, beams, etc. We offer this service for residential garages, basements, and patios, as well as retail stores, apartments, industrial, warehouses, airplane hangers, restaurants, bars, and more.

Concrete Shotblasting

Our company offers shot blasting services to to obtain a concrete surface profile 3 (CSP3) for epoxy overlays and other specialty coatings. We will use grinders to get into corners, edges, and other hard to reach areas using low grit diamonds for maximum adhesion of your overlay system.

Concrete Polishing

Concrete is known for its durability and universal applications, why not enhance the existing substrate to a designer appearance? We provide concrete floor polishing services for residential, commercial, industrial, institutional, and more. Exposed aggregate polishing is also available. Even homeowners love this service because polishing not only strengthens the concrete but also gives it a gorgeous and striking appearance!

High Performance Epoxy

We also install industry leading high performance epoxy coating services which offers the best chemical resistance, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, and long term durability in severe industrial environments. Our high build epoxy coatings are extremely versatile, customizing each job based upon intended functionality and design.

Textured Quartz Epoxy

Quartz flooring systems are functional and attractive. Constructed from multi-colored granular quartz broadcasted into one or two base coats, then top coated with UV resistant or UV stable clear coat. These extremely functional floors are very durable, slip resistant, chemical resistant, scratch resistant, seamless, and decorative.

Solid Color Stout Aggregate

Solid color textured flooring systems are functional and attractive. Constructed from granular quartz broadcasted into one or two base coats, then covered with solid color top coat. Many colors available. These extremely functional floors are very durable, slip resistant, chemical resistant, scratch resistant, seamless, and natural. Ideal for garages, shops, warehouses, restaurant kitchens, distribution centers, and more.

Designer Metallic Aggregate

Designer metallic floors are the new age flooring system. Ideal for show rooms, restaurants, bars, restrooms, high end residential, basements, and more. Business Logo inlays are also available. These striking floors are chemical resistant, scratch resistant, UV resistant, and extremely durable for both commercial and residential settings.

We are Trained, Certified, & Insured

Our entire team has gone through rigorous training by various suppliers, advisors, teachers, and industry leaders. We are also fully insured with WC and Liability coverage. Our number one goal is safety.

Our Pricing is Competitive

We are here to serve your needs. We know how to price jobs effectively for maximum quality results while maintaining proper budgets constraints. We provide free onsite inspections to provide the most accurate quote based on cost of materials, labor, equipment, insurance, etc.

We Have Integrity

Our Rochester Concrete Prep team cares about you. If you have any questions at any time, we will be fully transparent with you. Your best interest means everything to us. We deliver results to create mutual trust, and our goal is to be your sole service provider you turn to knowing we will never let you down.

Our Safety Commitment

Safety always comes first. We follow OSHA regulations for the services we provide. We also ensure other contractors in close proximity of our work space remain safe as well. Job-site safety is critical.

We Provide Services From City to City, and State to State.

We primarily service Rochester, Buffalo, and Syracuse. But we will also travel further distances for many size jobs. Since we serve many local contractors, we have established an excellent reputation. Our promise to you is that you can always count on us, and if a project gets delayed due to other contractors, we will do our best to schedule around your needs so that further delays and added costs are avoided.