Many clients prefer a functional, slip-resistant floor, that is easy to clean. This is where a stout epoxy floor system is highly recommended.
The broadcasted aggregate is responsible for providing a textured surface, but not too rough to the point that cleaning and maintenance becomes troublesome. This will also provide a skid-resistant surface without removing any of the existing decorative applications.

Because liability is a legitimate concern in workplaces, textured surfaces are common in schools, restaurants, shops, and hospitals. Workplaces such as manufacturing plants and distribution centers are settings where skid-resistance is critical but aesthetics is secondary have heavy aggregates the flooring because it provides a high level of functional durability. In residential settings, solid color stout aggregate coatings are most commonly found in garage floors.

We have a wide variety of color options available, see the color chart on this page as a reference. Note some colors may appear different on various screens due to brightness and contrast settings.